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WebVR Utility


To test the demo, just load the following URL on both your phone and your desktop.


To get started, include this in your webVR project.

<script src="http://mirrorvr.alvinwan.com/mirrorvr.js" type="text/javascript"></script>

That's it! Then, load your project on both your phone and your desktop.

Note: This project currently only supports aframe.io apps.


To configure a variable, define a global Javascript variable before importing the mirrorvr script.

Room: By default, every unique URL is a new "room". For example, if

user B will be mirroring user A. However, if user C loads example.com#hello on his desktop, he will not mirror user A. Explicitly define a room variable to override this default.

Host: A NodeJS server is required to facilitate communication between the client and the server. By default, MirrorJS uses and provides one at https://mirrorvr.herokuapp.com/. Explicitly define a host variable to use your own NodeJS server.